Gazelley is a philosophy.

It states that it is possible in any life situation to Work Less and Do More.

That if you know the right way to do something, you can leap forward with less effort.

Gazelley literally means, “to be Gazelle-like”.  So you can be Gazelley about anything.

You can be Gazelley in your approach to business, health – even house-hunting.

The premise is this..Using the cross over of a number of academic disciplines such as Business Change, Computing, Psychology, Coaching and just good old scientific research it is possible for humans to crowd source the solution to everyday problems so that others don’t have to go though the same wasteful process of making mistakes.

They can leap to the solution.  They can be Gazelley about it.

We already do this in business all the time with methodologies, tools and computer programmes. But we don’t use the same academic principles to optimise our lives very often.  It’s all a bit random if we manage to lose weight, get that jobs, land that gorgeous boy or girl.

So we decided it was time to try a more scientific route.


So how does it work?